Guided Biofilm Therapy

a new era of oral health treatments

The two leading causes of poor oral health – caries and periodontitis – affect more than 3.5 billion people worldwide. Proper oral prophylaxis helps reduce the risk of gum and dental disease. An important step forward in achieving good oral health is GBT; a highly advanced and field-proven new technology. A representative survey of 76,00o patients worldwide has shown that 92% absolutely prefer this innovative oral care treatment over the conventional method. Van de Veer Tandartsen has also recently switched completely to this minimally invasive and pain-free Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT for short) by implementing the EMS Prophylaxis Master.

Unparalleled wellness experience
GBT is a Swiss invention and a scientifically proven and highly effective oral care treatment. It involves the combination of lukewarm water, air and fine powder to completely remove oral biofilm. It offers an absolutely unparalleled wellness experience for all our patients and guarantees a gentle and completely pain-free treatment in the field of oral hygiene and cleaning.

92% prefereert GBT
Guided Biofilm Therapy is preferred by 92%
of patients above conventional oral hygiene treatment

What is biofilm?
Biofilm is the sticky layer that is created throughout the day on your teeth, but also on implants, crowns, gums and tongue, even without eating. You will be surprised how much biofilm you have on your teeth without knowing it. And where biofilm (soft plaque) remains, bacteria settle. These bacteria cause cavities in your teeth or inflammation of your gums. So no biofilm means no problems.

Biofilm detection
GBT begins with the placement of a tactile lip and cheek retractor for isolation. The first step in the new process is to detect the biofilm present in the oral cavity. We are happy to let you watch, because seeing is believing. The intention of Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is to detect and then eliminate biofilm (soft plaque) on teeth, implants and soft tissues such as gums and tongue. First, we look at where the biofilm is settled on your teeth and gums. This biofilm is made visible by means of a coloring liquid. Plaque that has not been there very long turns the biofilm light pink. Plaque that has been present for a longer period of time turns dark blue. This way we can see exactly where the biofilm has settled, even after careful oral brushing.

GBT disclosing
Biofilm inspection and detection during GBT 

The existing biofilm is then very comfortably removed by means of the Airflow. This is an innovative air polishing technique and consists of a spray with lukewarm water and a fine grain. This is sprayed on your teeth under pressure and this thoroughly removes the biofilm as well as any deposits from smoking, coffee, tea and red wine.

GBT after airflow treatment
GBT after Airflow treatment


If it appears that we have detected biofilm in deepened pockets, we take a next step in the treatment with the Perioflow. With this narrower nozzle we can also clean pockets and around and under implants, crowns and bridges using the same technique as the Airflow.

If biofilm has been on teeth for a long time, tartar forms. When tartar is present on your teeth for a longer period of time, bad bacteria will also nest here. These cause your gums to recede and to inflame your gums. In conventional oral hygiene treatment, you were treated for this with a probe (for many, the unpleasant hook). With GBT we remove tartar with the friendly Piezon instrument. This is a thin pin that is placed against your teeth and generates soft vibrations thus gently removing the tartar from your teeth (ultrasonic). Also here lukewarm water is used. And the good news is that this instrument can also be used deeper between your teeth and the gums to remove any tartar that is present.

GBT instrument console
GBT instrument console

Benefits summary

• Completely pain free
• Gives a bountiful feeling
• Maintains healthy gums
• Guarantees better cleaning between teeth
• Prevents and treats gingivitis (gum infections)
• Prevents cavities and helps detect cavities
• Prevents inflammation around implants
• Also motivates children to prevent cavities
• Prevents cavities while wearing braces
• Prevents sensitivity of exposed tooth necks
• Removes tartar and deposits
• Also treats periodontitis and mucositis
• Also treats biofilm on the tongue and palate
• Treats peri-implantitis (bacterial inflammation around an implant)
• Make you smile
• Makes confident
• Promotes general physical condition
• Prevents bacterial infections and thus diseases elsewhere in the body
• Is usually a faster treatment (if Airflow is sufficient)
• Provides a complete dental wellness experience at only small additional cost (approximately 20% excluding the fluoride rinse)

de 8 stappen van een GBT behandeling
the 8 steps of a GBT treatment

Would you like to see a treatment with GBT in practice?

Click here for an impression of a London colleagueor click here for a comparison between the conventional method and GBT.  Or make an appointment directly via Whatsapp (+31 20 662 30 71) at Van de Veer Tandartsen on the Zuidas to experience your personal GBT treatment.

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