Perio check-up


periodontal check-up

If you often suffer from infected gums a perio check-up is no luxury. If an infection of the gums is left untreated for too long it can turn into periodontitis (infection and loss of the supporting tissue of the teeth and molars).

periodontal check-up

This can cause your teeth and molars to become loose and even fall out in time. People with periodontitis also have a higher risk of developing heart disease. The risk of developing infections elsewhere in the body also increases.

measurement, prevention & check-up

If periodontitis is identified,  we will draw up a periodontitis anamnesis. The space between a tooth or molar and the gums is called a pocket.  Our dental hygienist will perform a number of measurements among which a measurement of the depth of the pockets of all teeth and molars. The results of the measurement are recorded in a periodontitis anamnesis and the possible treatments are discussed with you.

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