Ilse van de Veer

Ilse van de Veer

practice owner

Ilse (I.C.) van de Veer completed her education in Dentistry at the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) in 2009. In the last year of her Master's, she completed an internship in pediatric dentistry at ACTA. Ilse van de Veer specializes in aesthetic dentistry and the innovative application of the revolutionary Cerec technology (crowns, bridges and veneers). Ilse is BIG registered with number 69912406802.

Together with her father and dentist Gerard van de Veer, she founded the innovative dental practice on the Zuidas in 2011 and has been the practice owner since 2015. Ilse did an internship at the prestigious Columbia University in New York in the field of Prosthodontics and wrote a thesis about the differences in complex treatment plans between the Netherlands and North America.

We are members of The Royal Dutch Dental Association (KNMT).

Our health professionals are registered in the Dutch BIG register (Dutch Individual Health Care Professions Act).

Our dental hygienists are registered in the Quality Register Dental Hygienists (KRM).