Michiel Hentenaar

Michiel Hentenaar

Since september 2018, Michiel has been part of our dental team at Van de Veer Zuidas with great enthusiasm. Michiel has completed the Master’s academical programme at ACTA in Amsterdam. Michiel is registered in the Individual Health Care Professions Act (BIG) with number 69926916002 and has a Master of Science in Dentistry (MSc).

Michiel Hentenaar is a compassionate dentist who values high-quality and sustainable dental work. Michiel himself says about this: I strive for a pleasant treatment relationship. I go to great lengths to make my patients feel comfortable and relaxed. My positive attitude ensures that my dental treatments always run smoothly. I also like to take the time for my patients.

We are members of The Royal Dutch Dental Association (KNMT).

Our health professionals are registered in the Dutch BIG register (Dutch Individual Health Care Professions Act).

Our dental hygienists are registered in the Quality Register Dental Hygienists (KRM).