Crowns and bridges


crowns and bridges

Part of the restorative work at dental practice Van de Veer are our high quality crowns and bridges. The crown of a tooth is the part that is visible above the gums. If the natural crown is damaged, discoloured, skewed or broken off, the placement of a synthetic crown may solve the problem.

A synthetic is a metal or porcelain cover  that is placed on top of an eroded, existing tooth or molar. Crowns and bridges are attached to a tooth or implant. This helps bring the tooth or molar back to its original shape.

We opt for a bridge if one or multiple missing teeth or molars need to be replaced. It consists of two or more crowns that fill up the open spaces between the teeth and molars that are still present. A bridge is attached to two or more pillars. Pillars are the teeth or molars on both sides of the open space to be filled up. Filling the empty space prevents teeth and molars from becoming skewed and makes it possible to chew normally again.

The placing of crowns and bridges is a discipline perfectly mastered by all dentists at Van de Veer.

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