Restorative dentistry


restorative dentistry

Dental tissue can be affected by many processes. The field of restoring lost dental tissue is called restorative or reconstructive dentistry. This involves for example repairing small cavities and inefficient fillings. With composite (white filling material) we restore the worn facets.

professional prevention and restortion

In order to restore larger defects and fillings crowns, inlays and bridges can be made. Single fillings as well as extensive restoration work in case of advanced wearing of the teeth, it can all be done in our practice.

In case of slight wearing the focus is on prevention. If there is question of advanced wearing complaints might develop, such as toothache when drinking warm or cold drinks, pain when eating, or pieces breaking off of teeth or molars due to them becoming thinner.

composite restortion

Eroded teeth can very well be rebuild with the help of white filling material (composite). This treatment is relatively easy, often painless, highly durable and gives nice results. However the treatment requires quite some expertise from the dentist. Our dentist has considerable experience in (extensive) restoration work by means of composite.

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